Kate ferencz : THREE SPIRITS
june 23 - JULY 10 2011

Thursday June 23rd, 6-9PM

Our next show at the gallery is KATE FERENCZ : THREE SPRITS, which opens THURSDAY JUNE 23RD from 6-9PM. Kate Ferencz is an artist, musician, and co-director of Magic Pictures. Inspired by Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol, Ferencz has created three sculptures of the three spirits of Christmas: Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future.

All of the sculptures take their formal inspiration, if not their entire structure, from children's christmas toys. The sculptures have exaggerated proportions such as long, thin bodies and comically large heads with simplified faces. They are dressed in simple, bold, and nearly monochromatic outfits which often match the synthetic coloring of their bodies, like fantasy cartoon characters. But while toy figures are small enough to hold in your hand so they can easily be controlled by the children who hold them, these sculptures are gigantic. Each stands around eight feet tall, much larger than any average person, and stares down at you from above. The same exaggerated features that were playful at a smaller scale have become bizarre and threatening when enlarged this way. Although these sculptures are fashioned after dolls, these are not toys to be played with and controlled. In a startling reversal of power, their presence commands you.




The Doodle Review - Kate Ferencz : Three Spirits At Magic Pictures